Mosquito Control

Houston Luxury Lighting takes the guess work and confusion out of choosing the right mosquito control for your yard. We offer both mosquito fogging and mosquito misting services.  Not sure which one is right for you?  Our trained technicians will go over all of the pros and cons to both services.

Our mosquito fogging services are great to use before you host that graduation party, reunion, or wedding.    It will get rid of all mosquito and those pesky insects before your event.  Mosquito Fogging usually last approximately 3 weeks.  Of course, this depends on the rain forecast.

If you are looking for something more permanent, we design and install quality mosquito misting systems . Our proven misting system not only stops mosquitos, but fleas, ticks, flies, japanese beetles, carpet beetles, mole crickets, termites, box elder bugs, silver fish, roaches, and palmetto bugs dead in their tracts. It provides a continuous barrier that deters future pests from coming back.

“I would recommend them over many of the other companies I have gotten bids from for mosquito control systems. I was impressed with the time it took to get the bid for my project, install, and complete the whole process. Not a single issue with customer service, or questions. Houston Luxury Lighting is Impressive!”
-J Crowell

A Real Cause for Concern

The Harris Count Public Health & Environmental Services – Mosquito Control Division protects the health and well-being of county residents through surveillance, control, education, research, and technology to prevent and control mosquito-borne diseases, including St. Louis encephalitis (SLE) and West Nile Virus (WNV) encephalitis. This division provides:

  • Monitoring the Culex mosquito population, the primary transmitter of SLE and WNV
  • Laboratory analysis of mosquito samples to detect SLE and WNV
  • Monitoring and testing of live and dead birds for SLE and WNV
  • Conducting ground and aerial spraying activities in areas with confirmed SLE and WNV
  • Providing education, training, and information to citizens, schools, community groups, and the media regarding SLE, WNV, and mosquito control
  • Conducting research to incorporate data into operational activities
  • Utilizing the Geographical Information System (GIS) to track and monitor mosquito-borne diseases

Reporting Mosquito Nuisances

Many counties have Mosquito Control Divisions (MCD). They strictly enforce regulations on business and property owners that knowingly allow mosquito infestation conditions to exist on their property. In Texas, it’s against the law for a business to store things such as discarded tires, tanks, and cans that water can collect in and become breeding ground for mosquitos. One call is usually all it takes to see results.

While MCD is taking care of the issue, Houston Luxury Lighting can start preparing your property to repel and control pests, call us today at 713-481-1518.


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