Mosquito Control FAQS

Q. What kind of maintenance will a mosquito system require?
A. Mosquito control units are pumping systems, mounted on 55-gallon drum containers, filled with mosquito repellent and water. We recommend spraying for 30 seconds, three times per day. The average 30-nozzle unit will need to be refilled every three months. Nozzle count, interval, and sprays-per-day will affect how often the unit will need to be refilled.

Our customers often choose our worry free monthly mosquito service solution. Depending on the size of the mosquito control system this service ranges from $85 – $250 per month. A trained technician will top the reservoir once a month and provide basic maintenance, as necessary, to keep your system operating properly.

Need to make a maintenance request? Call 713-481-1518!
Q. What is the value in Mosquito systems?
A. Mosquito control systems give you back control of your back yard entertainment area and pool. Houston and surrounding areas have had several cases of West Nile virus in the past years. Mosquitoes have been found to carry the malaria virus and other diseases like heart worms that can harm and even kill your family pets. More human illnesses and deaths can be traced to mosquito bites than shark fatalities. What makes them even more dangerous is their small inconspicuous size.

Mosquito infestations can attract spiders and frogs that in turn may attract snakes. Eliminating the food source deters other predators. A properly installed mosquito control system can kill many insects including spiders, roaches, fleas, ticks, and any other pests that may harm you or your family.

To find out more about how a mosquito control system can help rid your yard of annoying pests call 713-481-1518!

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